How much can you earn?

Of course this answer depends on several factors including location, size and the style of your property.  We will list your place on multiple platforms, including Airbnb and Stayz (now known as HomeAway).  This will help your occupancy to maximise your return without heavily discounting your price.  If your property is a good fit for short term stays, gross yields can go as high as twice what you would be offered under a long term rental.  Over peak periods this can be even higher.  Remember, real estate agents will charge a high fee to do very little and for a much smaller return.  To learn more about your earning potential, please contact us.

I don't understand the costs, can you please explain further?

We charge management fee based on your net turnover and also pass back on the operating costs including cleaning, linen, and platform booking fees.  The best way to understand our fees and to understand what what you can earn on a net basis is to get in touch with us.  This way we can send you examples of fictitious scenarios and walk you through exactly what your return could be post management fees and operating costs.  With platforms that allow it, we will charge the cleaning fees and linen costs back on to the guests (otherwise this is factored into the room rate, so guests still bear this cost).

Do we have to use you for the full management service?

We sometimes get asked if we can manage only part of the process, like just coordinating the cleaners for example, and the answer to this is no unfortunately.  In order to ensure the operations with guest check-in and checkouts runs smoothly, it is important that we are involved in all aspects of the process. This way there would never be any confusion around who is accountable to organise the cleaning or linen change over etc and the guest experience is seamless.

What areas do you Service?

We largely work within inner city suburbs as these will be the places that guests will be looking for.  In Hobart these suburbs would include Battery Point, North Hobart, South Hobart, West Hobart, Glebe and Sandy Bay.  If you have a place that is not in one of these suburbs, your best bet is to contact us to discuss.  If we don't think your place will work on short term stays, we will be honest with you as we would hate for you to be disappointed.

why should we use We will manage it as our property manager?

Our ultimate goal is for our clients to be happy with both the service and the return you receive. We pride ourselves on being a being boutique business and serving our clients well. We believe that properties do not get the level of attention they deserve when managers take on too many properties so are determined to ensure we remain boutique.  Very few short term stay property managers offer to list your place on multiple platforms and by doing this the properties they look after are at risk of having to discount prices to get the same occupancy that we can achieve.  By listing your property on multiple platforms we will work harder than others to get you those returns that you are looking for.  On top of this, the service you get is also important and you want someone to look after your property who has done it all before and done it well. This company started through the success of owning and managing our own property in West Hobart.  If you have any further questions though, feel free to get in touch.

What happens if a guest gets locked out after hours?

As part of setting up your property we will discuss the options with you regarding this.   Please call us though to discuss this further if this is a concern. 

What happens if something gets damaged?

As part of the on-boarding process we will discuss with you the contents of the property.  We generally recommend that property owners secure (e.g. in locked cupboards) or remove personal and highly valuable items.  We also strongly recommend property owners take out a home and contents insurance policy which covers damage caused where the property is used for short term stays.  We can also discuss with you options for taking security deposits from guests if this is a particular concern.

In the unlikely scenario that furniture gets damaged which will impact guests who are staying, we will work with you to fix these issues as soon as possible.

How long does it take to set it all up?

This really depends on the state of your property, for example whether your furniture is purchased and set up.  We will also need some specific information from you about the property (e.g. wifi passcodes, utility information etc.) in order to prepare the House Manual.  If your house is appropriately furnished and set-up, we can have your property listed on the platforms within a matter of days.  If your property needs furnishing, we suggest allowing a few weeks before the property will be ready for listing.